One Side Of Our World

One Side Of Our World

Thursday, June 6, 2013


~Aku Insan Hina Dina...mengharap Kasih sayang-Nya & Redha -Nya ~

This is my new genre to share..hope not mind..

Assalamualaikum, mari tengok kalau benda ni ada dengan kita...

1. Blurr nak buat apa, unfocus in every single thing yang dibuat..
2. Resist any event that meet crowded of ..resist to attend walimah of BBF..[not good to do..but they are no any senses to go..they feel better alone]
3. Look happy infront people, but then. cry at the other side..
4. Not giving many favours to people around because it will make them trouble, avoiding being trouble maker.
5. Feel un-competent toward people around, 'they having good skill rather than me, they have good family than me, they have best and clear mission and vission rather than me...'..i'm being so poor..after thinking these mess, then silent

6. To do something, this people will do it without that, it make the boring senses come and finally, upset with the performance..and then..go to sleep.
7. Not in appetite . feel want 'muntah'..
8. Feel nobody around them..everybody are busy with their own body are in right possition to be the care seems like they are lack of loves.
9. Not trust any people in telling the mess in their head. Just keep it inside bottom heart, and after that, every single thing even the little matter will seen bigger even huge in front them .
10. Wanted to go any other place, making new friends...and if they found the generous one, will so easy telling them the story that never told to their close friend..perhaps..just make them be the good listener, and not blamming back as they are not clear the situation..

All of these 10 situation is happening if depress person is not get the right attention.

All they need is only, a good listener, someone who never felt annoyying when knew something bad that they did at the past.

All they need is only the person who, give full attention..taking care..until they feel..there are person who realize me in this world

All they need is, a person that able to make them smile from bottom their heart...and always remind them that ALLAH is watching what is going on..and reward the doer as they right.

All they need is...Just, a person who the right person,that not doing all these to seek man's bless...


Just having some comments from annymous

1. 'I never met any close friend that, finding my real problem that, it's not right to tell them the story.'
2. 'Most of them like to blaming
my self therefore i resist to share any of my bad feeling..yet to share with my parent is not my practice at all..i'm not to close with both of them..'
3. 'If i feel sad, i'm prefer to cry alone..cry is very effective way to remove those unwell feeling..'
4. 'When i'm sad, i'll call for help..from inner of my soul..who will heard it..just my Creator will heard it..'
5. ' When caught it any pain in bottom of my feeling..I prefer try to ran away and forget may be it is my fate..'


So..let we pray of any of our friends that caught in these situation..

My also personal opinion...people that caught in these situation are busy to thing about their self..they are not interesting to think other people..but we cannot just blaming them..because, they need treatment..let them cured from that after that, they will starting make other people in their senses..

They need a treatment..that why i'm having ambition to be a psychiatry specialist before they world is close to these being that, i can help them if not lot, little..but enough to make them having sense that, this world must be face as examination hall.

whatever, if we not working on that, i meant to aim the success, we are forwarding in to the failure..You Not Prepare , You Will Lost.

One thing to ponder, Just make One single focus in you life. That is, you are in you way to return to The Creator..You are heading you prepared well? Did you will get the Heaven nor the Hell?

Actually, we not in right if we say, must keep in our trouble in our shoes we are created in group, in society..Just, If we face it alone without any interrupt by another human being like seem to open the Satan way to fool us..

So, lastly, If any of your friend want you to hear their problems..please be in their shoes..Not just giving face without heart. and If you have to have someone to hear your problems..Better..not to tell the problem with the person that sharing with you just now..It will ruin the spirit..You got it?

One another solutions...i got the fact from my lecturer last semester. If you see..many unmarried women caught in committing suicide..for only in depress problem.. So, only I'm agreed this statement..what about you?

Not really understand the words but...We are not in right to stop pray to ALLAh in every single thing we do..

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