One Side Of Our World

One Side Of Our World

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

May be it's better using English..^^

~Aku Insan Hina Dina...mengharap Kasih sayang-Nya & Redha -Nya ~

Our Sharing today:


My first Class : Tahfiz.

Page to complished: Third page of surah al-Baqarah.

Moral value: managing your time to memorize the ayah wisely., 5 lines today , 5 lines this night, and 5 lines tomorrow morning.

Remember: reciting your memorizing will be un successful if in stress condition. Be not a last minute person in every single job you do.

My second class today:

Revelation as A source Of Knowledge(RASOK)

-Purpose of quranic revelation
#Guidance & Light
#Understanding Qur'an
#implementation of the Qur'an
#Judgement according Qur'an
#Total submission
#Accepting All commandments of the Qur'an


Firstly, are you need a Guidance from ALLAH now, tomorrow and after tomorrow? If YES, read Qur'an..When You read it, you will understand it, when you understand it, you have to implement then, you will get guidance from ALLAH..try it!

Understand Quran is a wonderful things ever if you will..

Implementing of Quran Commandment not to be delayed. Do it now!

When making Judgement, refer to quran, So there are Allah's will and bless for you.

Accepting ALL the Contents of Quran..Not to chose partially according our desires..Then, you will be a real muslim.


1. Fasiq: who not applying the ISLAMIC Teaching while he / she in weak condition of IMAN..but beliving in ALLAH. He/ She keep quit not to asking people to not perform what he does not did.

2. Zalim: Who not perform the ISLAMIC Teaching, and aking other people to do so. But still beliving in ALLAH..

3. Kafir: Playing with the commandment of Qur'an, and not beliving in ALLAH..

May Allah bless us in every single things and deed we do.AMIN~

Some additional input to share:

-It is reality to see women are being majority in this worlds..hatta, in the Hell, the number of women are the majority.=(..(Na'udzubillahimin zalik..So, we as the woman have to prepare our selves to accept POLYGAMY in future. I think to be one that will allow thier spouse for polygamy, as long as it is to seek ALLAH's Will & Bless is relevant.

- My lecturer give a simple big benefit suggestion to us..He not use the usual  system to call our name for attendance checking..Just call the number. My number is..7. Quit funny but I can see the 'Mee behing the Udang'..He secured certain people that dont want revealed their name publically. And of course, it take very short time to go through all the names.

-Now, I have a question. Are the SECULAR person one of the Kuffar? or one of the Zalim or Fasiq?

Not only read, you have to push your mind thinking with me..Got the answer?Please state in the comment below. TQ^^

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