One Side Of Our World

One Side Of Our World

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sedikit Ujian

~Aku Insan Hina Dina...mengharap Kasih sayang-Nya & Redha -Nya ~

Tit..SMS alert alarming..

'Salam. So sorry, we have to postpond our meeting at 2 pm..coz, there are our member want have their own bussiness this morning..'-Chief of villeager

'No hal..alright..'

We gone from home 1 hour before 11.30am..As we want to see how the place look like to suit our programme.

AT Pulau Gaya

My phone ringging..

' sorry, very sorry..i've meeting wif my JKKK that they disagree to accept you all for the family foster...coz, nowadays, the storm season, and if my house completely done..i just want to let you all stay need to go any place, now we cancel our meeting okay? coz, i have another meeting in this evening..., this programme plese we psotpond 2 month from now.'



1 sms typed:

'i think, we have to meet to disscuss our currently problem..'
-'ok, i think it's nice to meet at 9.oo am tomorrow..'


Sms Typed:

'We already in this place..,just an information..'

9.55 am..

-call button clicked for the third time..

' sorry ..i still wating for the car..i'll will be there soon, although for transit only..what is the matter?'

'wa'alaikumussalam...we have a great big problem..the chief of villager want to post pond our programme..this is not in our, we have to make plan B..i think tis meeting is desprate enough..'

'ok..i'll be there..

call enggaged..10.02..


1 sms received..

'i'm so sorry..i cannot be there..i ve to go before it's to late to to the programme..which is held this night at sorry..'

my monolog,"so..i hve been here for 1 hour 30  minutes..T.T.."

sms replied, 'never mind, hope your journey in the bless of ALLAH..
but, for our meeting i will be at this same place, at 8.30 pm..any problem , PLEASE INFORM ME VERY SOON..,'


So..a conclusion..

We plan, ALLAH also PLAN..The Planning of ALLAh is the BEST!

-YOU Do the best , Allah will beat the rest..

-Some times we don't like what is infront us..But, that is the best for us..Some times we like what is infront us, but it is bad for us..'2:216

-Be a human, after the incident, i learn to say..please treat me as a human..
-For me, This is a training for me to be more strict..i'm sorry if this change will hurt any heart..but as long as to see the truth's not a reason to consider.